Prayer Request and Power Outage

First of all, I’d like to ask everyone to please say a prayer for my Grandad, whom is in the hospital. We love him and we want him to be back to normal and home safe. I’d really appreciate it.

Second, our power went out today!
Baby bug was almost asleep and then the fan went out and he couldn’t sleep without the white noise. He was all sleepy, but just couldn’t fall asleep so I took him for a ride without any particular destination and we came upon this park in Keller.




Its been really gusty today so that windmill was spinning it’s little propeller. The area with the gazebo and the water feature was a tranquil place for us to rest and nurse a little. Then an icecream truck passed through and it occurred to me that it was almost dreamlike or like something from the past, a peaceful and wholesome feeling.

If I look extra tired its because I had to run out in a little bit of a hurry so this picture above is me without my makeup.

So, after we got back from the park the lights had been turned back on, yay! I was able to put my make up on and take some quick and somewhat fuzzy phone pictures of my outfit.

My heart patterned skinny jeans from Anthropologie and…

My gray long sleeved ruched top from Sundance. I’d always heard that ruching or ruffles at the bust (or bikini top) helps add curves up top. Well, I’m not sure, but I think its cute πŸ’‹


Play Time

Ayu and I went to go see our good friend, and study buddy Jin Wa perform in the musical Rent today at Plano’s Art Centre Theatre. I had never seen Rent until today so it was a completely new experience. Jin was spectacular. This man can sing, and dance…on table tops…in heels. And finished one number by doing the splits (!) on top of said table!

Remember me when you are famous!
Oh, by the way he speaks fluent Japanese and he’s only 21 O_o





Downtown Grapevine on a Cold Day

I had some time to kill before an appointment in Grapevine so I stopped by the lovely little botanic gardens.






Also, this cute little coffee/Christian store on Main Street called Holy Grounds.


My favorite shop in the area, Bella Butterflies, appeared to be randomly closed for the day. Oh well, I guess that saved me some money.

I’d like to end this post with the pretty bouquet of roses from my Sweety.


Outfit of the Day


Today I just stepped out for a bit to go get groceries. This dress I bought from Free People back when I was newly pregnant and it grew nicely with me.

I liked wearing non maternity clothes as much as possible. For one, maternity clothes are kind of expensive and also when compared to non maternity of course the selection is limited.

Free People actually had a good deal of cute things that fit during that time and still look cute! Good thing too because that brand don’t come too cheap!

There was a pair of beautiful burgundy velvet overalls that I really wanted, but I think they were something ridiculous like $300.
Ah yes, here.

So cute! Anyway, I found these adorable vintage overalls at a vastly more affordable price.

These, a side pony tale and some frilly socks with canvas sneakers, and I’m in girly girl heaven, or maybe just 1992.

Korean Tea Goo!

Today was a really exceptional day. With Baby Bug sleeping in the bed I hardly ever get sufficiently restful sleep. Thankfully, today I felt *normal*, a sadly rare feeling for me. I really hope that this blessing will continue and I will be a much happier person!

So today was a good day. I had one of my magical muffins in the morning with some coffee and scrambled eggs 🍳 followed by some honey yuja cha, AKA honey yuzu tea, AKA honey citron tea, AKA Korean tea goo!

A tea by any other name…

The first time I had the tea goo (I think it was ginger flavored) was when a friend of mine brought it over for me when I was sick as a dog, along with Paranormal Activity and we hung out in my bed all night. This same friend also took me to King Spa, a Korean sauna/spa place another time I was really sick. Anyway, that was so sweet and it (the goo) always reminds me of her. β˜•

Then we got ready and I was feeling like being a little fancy so I put on my green sweater dress and my cute brown hat from Banana Republic. πŸ‘’


Got to go out for lunch with my Sweetheart and go shopping at Whole Foods and then home to the baby bug. I wish everyday was like today. 🌸

[edit] I was going through a Japanese magazine called “Cutie” earlier today and look what I found!

I don’t know if I saw this image before and it was hidden in my subconscious or what, but doesn’t it look like my outfit from yesterday? !(β—Ž_β—Ž;)

Healthy and Delicious

When I was pregnant I lost my tolerance for un-delicious food. Up until then I had been able to eat things solely for their nutritional value, regardless of taste, such as plain oatmeal, raw veggies, and eggs. Then, when I was pregnant I became a lot pickier and went through phases of cravings and aversions (mostly aversions) and just couldn’t stand to eat healthy, but tasteless foods.

20130209-203252.jpg Here, gnawing on a block of condensed tamarind fruit mid pregnancy.

Now that I’m no longer pregnant I’m still the same in that regard and thankfully I’ve managed to eat healthfully and still enjoy myself, which is really a much better way to live!
On a recent trip to my local Sprouts I discovered a few new things that I am really enjoying.


First of all, So Delicious French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. This stuff is so smooth and just the right amount of sweet. Be gone powdered charlatans! I banish thee!

20130209-204157.jpg Couldn’t find a picture of them so please enjoy this generic anthropomorphic muffin.

Now, my favorite new food item, however, is Dee’s Natural Flourless Muffins! I am borderline obsessed. Apparently they have been around since 2004, so I ask myself, how could a muffin loving, healthy diet embracing person like myself not know about these amazing delicious little balls of happiness?! I do not know, but the important thing is I will be having one with breakfast tomorrow. That’s right with breakfast not for breakfast, because I am a hungry nursing mama and I am also a girly girl, but I eat like a football player.
But I digress… the lady behind the muffin is name Dee McCaffrey and has cookbooks, webinars and podcasts presumably on healthy cooking and dining. Her website is here if you want to check it out. It looks like the muffins are sold primarily at Sprouts, but they are working on a way to make them available for purchase online as well.

Odds and Ends

I downloaded the photo editing app called LINE camera by Naver and I’ve been having fun playing with it all day.

It has a good variety of frames and stickers and effects to make your lovely pictures even lovelier!

This is a picture of me wearing my bright green skirt from Lulus.
And here’s one of the pedicure I did today.

I was finally able to use the sparkly nail stickers from the Face Shop in Carrolton. The nail polish I used, which is OPI’s Mod Hatter, lends a nice neutral background to let the kira kira sparkle sparkle stand out. ✨

I just hope they can stand up to the sock test!

AHR Expo 2013

Last week I had the opportunity to interpret for a Japanese company at the AHR Expo in Dallas. I had a great time and I can pretty much guarantee I now know more about metal mesh filters than any of my friends. I tried to take some pictures of my outfits on the go, but I mostly got head shots :/









So, yeah…lots of head shots.

One tiny pearl of wisdom I’d like to pass on: never wear high heels if your going to be standing at a booth all day, or, preferably ever.Β 

And now for a group shot.Β