Odds and Ends

I downloaded the photo editing app called LINE camera by Naver and I’ve been having fun playing with it all day.

It has a good variety of frames and stickers and effects to make your lovely pictures even lovelier!

This is a picture of me wearing my bright green skirt from Lulus.
And here’s one of the pedicure I did today.

I was finally able to use the sparkly nail stickers from the Face Shop in Carrolton. The nail polish I used, which is OPI’s Mod Hatter, lends a nice neutral background to let the kira kira sparkle sparkle stand out. ✨

I just hope they can stand up to the sock test!


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Hi…I had to like this first to leave a reply. I know what you mean about the polish holding up to the sock test!!! Or the covers test ( in bed). The nail look nice. New shirt is cute.

    • Yes, the covers as well. Thanks did u see the skirt? It’s a really bright green. Like a crayon lol.
      You should put some sparkles on your nails too! You can use some of mine. It’s pretty cheap.

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