Girly Stripes


striped shirt from anthropologie , headband from banana republic

And the nice weather is back! ♬ So thankful. It makes running errands so much more pleasant.

I was feeling pretty depressed yesterday until we finally got out and made a trip to Sprouts. I got my favorite muffins, Dee’s Natural Flourless, and a few other things. Then last night my lovely husband made us some sherpards pie!

So I was in a much better mood after that.

But…now I’m feeling kind of down again. I think it is lots of things. Family stuff, lack of quality sleep, and other stressors. βš‘β˜πŸ’’

One thing I’m looking forward to is picking up my newly framed peacock pictures! I will post those and all the rest of our new art that I’ve put up recently. They should be all ready tomorrow.

So I will close with a picture of the nikujyaga that my own little self made for the first time in my life. I only had a little taste before I had to put Jesse to bed so I’m looking forward to eating some in a little bit. 🍴




I had to go and post about how nice our weather is and so of course it went and got all cold on us again! Not cool weather, not cool…(pun? >_<) I guess this will be another sweater week.

Anyway, in about a week it will be our grandad's 81st birthday, Whee!
Last year on his 80th, my whole family got together and we took lots of pictures, which my Aunt Gigi had made into a commemorative album and gave us all copies.

I'm guessing this year will be a little more low key, but with all he's had to go through recently, health wise, I'd like it to be a little special. He's had a blood sugar problem for the past several years, but hasn't done much to improve his diet unfortunately. So I'm thinking I'd like to make him a diabetic friendly brownie sundae 🍨. And if I can find sugar free caramel sauce, I'll make it a caramel brownie sundae!

On a separate note, Ayu chan is going to Japan next week ❗❕
Have fun! Bring back some sakura for me! Haha β™‘πŸ’•


Spring has arrived in DFW and we are taking advantage of the still pleasant temperatures by taking our walks outside as often as we can. This meant I really needed something to shade my fair skin from the sun.

20130319-220753.jpgstraw hat from Target

To be perfectly honest, I’m not completely in love with it, but it will do for now. β˜€


Outfit of the Day and Macaron Nails

20130302-205433.jpgHeart sweater by French Connection, green skirt by Lulu’s

When I first got this skirt I didn’t know what I was going to pair with it. Most of my wardrobe consists mostly of soft tones, not so many bright pieces like this. So it has been kind of fun seeing what all I can get away with…

Today Ayu and I stopped by an old favorite of ours, Saxbys Coffee in Dallas, to see some of our friends. This group came together several years ago, and though people have come and gone, its still a group of cool people to hang out with, practice Japanese, and drink coffee.

20130302-204223.jpgkonnichiha, Matt!

After visiting for a little while we were off to Cafe Brazil to meet up with J and to give him his bday card/hugs.



I finally got Ayu’s Valentine present in the mail, all the way from Hong Kong.


Macaron nail stickers! Which are supposed to look something like this when applied to painted nails.

Purchased from this Etsy shop. I can’t wait to see what they look like on her nails!