The Mercantile


It took us about 6 or 7 U-turns, but we finally found our way to the The Mercantile on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth.

As stated on their site, they carry “Home Décor, Antiques, Fashion, Gifts, Collectibles and so much more!” In other words, a typical antique mall. They also have a pretty large tea room, but unfortunately that was closed when we got there (around 3:30).

The exterior is painted with some pretty impressive historical Texas related murals. The interior was clean and had sufficiently wide aisles (necessary with a stroller), but they really need to turn up the AC! They had some snack trays out with cheese and grapes and the cheese cubes were sweating like tiny yellow pigs.

One unusual thing was they have a vendor that sells geodes and fossils! He even had several amber pieces with bugs trapped inside- Jurassic Park?! Anyone? Anyone?

I noticed that their site also states,
“The Mercantile has a friendly staff to make you feel right at home while you are here.” While the vendors and another lady on staff that I spoke to were friendly and professional, the lady that rang me up on the register was just plain rude. When she mentioned an upcoming sale and (after being treated rudely) I responded that I wouldn’t be coming back she must have realized what she had done because she became very polite. ::side eye::

But, I guess that’s not really fair to say they don’t have good customer service because of one crab apple.

So anyway…I walked away with a gift for my friend’s daughter and a cool bracelet for myself.



Baby Bug was so good the whole time so I wanted to get him something special. Thankfully we happened to pass by Toy Works!…also on Camp Bowie. Nice place! A good selection of toys that I’ve never seen at Target.

The Bug went crazy! He walked all around the store testing out all the toys he could get his baby paws on. One toy in particular seemed to hold his attention the longest- a car dashboard with tons of buttons and levers that makes all kind of car sounds. It even has wiper blades that move!

Hopefully it’ll keep him entertained for a week or so. ヽ(・∀・)ノ