Austin Trip

A couple of weeks ago we finally got it together and made a road trip down to my beloved Austin, Texas. I lived there for three years, when I was going to UT and I’ve only been back a couple of times since graduating in 2008.

We stayed at the very stylish and conveniently located Hotel San Jose on South Congress.


When I used to live in Austin and go shopping on Soco I would often walk past this hotel and think that someday I wanted to stay there. I love the shady and secret garden like atmosphere in the middle of such a happen’n area.

Baby bug attacking the bed in our room

A cool lime tree in the courtyard


Breakfast was served in a sort of Western style bento box, but the size of a dresser drawer! It was good food, and good portions, but, as with most hotel food, was overpriced so I think next time I’ll just get a bunch of breakfast tacos from Jo’s next door. Hopefully there will be a next time.

Baby Bug had a wonderful time at the Austin Children’s Museum. If we have another chance to stay in Austin sometime in the next 5 years we will definitely go back there and I would highly recommend it to anyone with little kids that are visiting the area.

The husband had a taco from one of the Soco food carts.

We walked up and down the street around our hotel and stopped in a couple of the places I used to shop at such as By George and Parts and Labour. Although, I didn’t buy anything till we went downtown at some boutique, that I think was on 2nd or 3rd street downtown. Which reminds me…

I noticed that most of the girls around town were wearing either flowing summer dresses,short shorts, or some other very “body con” ensemble.

Even though we were just a few hours South it felt hotter and more humid than DFW. In part, most likely, because we spent more time waking around outdoors than we do at home.

Pretty lace on the dress I bought from some random boutique downtown.

20130721-154015.jpg Inside the hotel courtyard

I got to eat at Magnolia cafe (once at each location!) and the husband got to have a hamburger at Hopdoddy’s and we both really liked Jo’s breakfast tacos! (There are so many places to eat breakfast tacos in Austin). We also tried to eat at South Congress Cafe, but it was packed to the brim and we were all too hot and fussy to stand waiting in there and ended up at Gueros (sp?) down the street.

There were so many places I wanted to visit, like UT campus, but we didn’t have time for or it was too hot to do, but it was good to go back and visit. I even got to see an old friend that will be moving back to Japan very soon and if I hadn’t gotten to see her before she left I would have been disappointed.

We also managed to squeeze in a stop at Momoko’s near UT campus.


20130721-155106.jpg cute mugs

I used to get my bobba teas and cute Japanese sticker fix here.

Our last day in ATX we visited the peacock sanctuary.






Beautiful birds and flowers. I love water lilies, especially these vibrant pink ones.

So that was the end of our trip to Austin, ::sigh:: I hope to go back sometime soon.