Healthy and Delicious

When I was pregnant I lost my tolerance for un-delicious food. Up until then I had been able to eat things solely for their nutritional value, regardless of taste, such as plain oatmeal, raw veggies, and eggs. Then, when I was pregnant I became a lot pickier and went through phases of cravings and aversions (mostly aversions) and just couldn’t stand to eat healthy, but tasteless foods.

20130209-203252.jpg Here, gnawing on a block of condensed tamarind fruit mid pregnancy.

Now that I’m no longer pregnant I’m still the same in that regard and thankfully I’ve managed to eat healthfully and still enjoy myself, which is really a much better way to live!
On a recent trip to my local Sprouts I discovered a few new things that I am really enjoying.


First of all, So Delicious French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. This stuff is so smooth and just the right amount of sweet. Be gone powdered charlatans! I banish thee!

20130209-204157.jpg Couldn’t find a picture of them so please enjoy this generic anthropomorphic muffin.

Now, my favorite new food item, however, is Dee’s Natural Flourless Muffins! I am borderline obsessed. Apparently they have been around since 2004, so I ask myself, how could a muffin loving, healthy diet embracing person like myself not know about these amazing delicious little balls of happiness?! I do not know, but the important thing is I will be having one with breakfast tomorrow. That’s right with breakfast not for breakfast, because I am a hungry nursing mama and I am also a girly girl, but I eat like a football player.
But I digress… the lady behind the muffin is name Dee McCaffrey and has cookbooks, webinars and podcasts presumably on healthy cooking and dining. Her website is here if you want to check it out. It looks like the muffins are sold primarily at Sprouts, but they are working on a way to make them available for purchase online as well.


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