Korean Tea Goo!

Today was a really exceptional day. With Baby Bug sleeping in the bed I hardly ever get sufficiently restful sleep. Thankfully, today I felt *normal*, a sadly rare feeling for me. I really hope that this blessing will continue and I will be a much happier person!

So today was a good day. I had one of my magical muffins in the morning with some coffee and scrambled eggs 🍳 followed by some honey yuja cha, AKA honey yuzu tea, AKA honey citron tea, AKA Korean tea goo!

A tea by any other name…

The first time I had the tea goo (I think it was ginger flavored) was when a friend of mine brought it over for me when I was sick as a dog, along with Paranormal Activity and we hung out in my bed all night. This same friend also took me to King Spa, a Korean sauna/spa place another time I was really sick. Anyway, that was so sweet and it (the goo) always reminds me of her. β˜•

Then we got ready and I was feeling like being a little fancy so I put on my green sweater dress and my cute brown hat from Banana Republic. πŸ‘’


Got to go out for lunch with my Sweetheart and go shopping at Whole Foods and then home to the baby bug. I wish everyday was like today. 🌸

[edit] I was going through a Japanese magazine called “Cutie” earlier today and look what I found!

I don’t know if I saw this image before and it was hidden in my subconscious or what, but doesn’t it look like my outfit from yesterday? !(β—Ž_β—Ž;)


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