The Shops at Brown Stone Village

On a reconnaissance mission to Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery to check out cupcakes for Baby Bug’s Birthday I realized that they were located in my long lost The Shops at Brown Stone Village in Arlington.

It’s been years since I came here and I had forgotten its location. I remembered thinking it was a nice place and I’m glad I rediscovered it.

Anyway, Sugar Bee’s , is a boutique and bakery located in central Arlington. I had googled for a good cupcake place in the area and they had a solid rating so we went and checked it out.


The interior was modern and stylish and the cupcake sample Baby Bug and I shared was very moist, but a little too sweet for my taste. The owner was was very warm and helpful and I ended up ordering the cupcakes for his party there after all. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they realize the design we decided on. Of course, I will post pictures of them when the time comes.

Afterwards we went on to the shops across the way.







It was pretty much how I remembered it. Some cute stuff, some mundane. Still worth a look if you happen to be in the area.


A Tearoom Worth Visiting

A couple of weeks ago I was searching my area for any cool cafes and I found one in Golightly’s Antiques and Tea Room. Not a regular cafe, but a tea room with in an antique store. I’ve seen tea rooms within antique stores before and they are usually not impressive. Some dimly lit little hole in the wall with dust gathering on the fake decorative ivy, and few choices on the menu. Not so fun. But, this place was actually really nice.

I had Baby Bug with me and we rolled on back to the tea room. There were about 5 other customers so it was not totally empty, but not too loud either. I ordered the pick 3 sampler with quiche, half a panini, and fruit to share with Bug.


It was a little more expensive than, say, Jason’s Deli, but the food was good. The portion would have been about right had I not been sharing my food, but I tend to eat more than other people (gimme a break, I’m nursing!).

After lunch we took a look around the shop.


I didn’t take that many pictures when we were there, but I got these from their blog.




I love it! I can’t wait to come back and bring some one. 🌷Oh, and it looks like they’re having a sale next weekend! Check it out!

Anyway, yesterday we were at the mall and saw this.

Purikura! Haha
I guess now I don’t have to go to Ktown to do purikura now.
We didn’t have time to do it so I’ll have to test it out next time.


I Discovered Store Envy

I was playing around on Polyvore earlier today and I found a really cute skirt that I was interested in buying so I followed the link over to to Store Envy. Store Envy is apparently like Etsy, in that it has a bunch of individual merchants in one place, except, correct me if I’m wrong, unlike Etsy the merchandise isn’t necessarily created by the merchant nor a vintage item. What I really like about it is all the cool Japanesey* stuff some of the shops carry.

This one shop, bloomiful, has a bunch of adorable, girly dresses and kitty themed items.

cat hat!

simply adorable

There’s also many cute and random items on this site.

strawberry foam rollers for hair

So now I have another website to “window shop”. πŸ™‚

*because it looks like Japanese fashion, but probably some of the stuff comes from Korea, China, Thailand, etc., but that’s ok!

Birthday Snow Cones

This summer, coming to a 1 year old’s birthday party near you…

Snow cooooooones!! On demand! 🍧
I’m pretty excited about this, obviously.

I had planned to have cupcakes at Baby Bug’s birthday party, but then my grandma went and ordered this super cool snow cone machine from William Sonoma that arrived today. So, a sugary good time is sure to be had by all!

Until then, I am really wanting to try this
delicious sounding recipe from the Kitchy Kitchen.


Rip Van Mommy

This Season’s Must Have: Rip Van Winkle Coloring Book

I woke up, after a short morning nap with Baby Bug, once again feeling awfully tired, and after being pummeled and scratched and my hair pulled by Baby Bug I was already very low on patience. So I was happy to accept my husband ‘s offer to watch him while I got some more sleep.

I slept from 10:20 ish till about 12:45!! I was actually worried when I got up because I literally have not slept this much since I was pregnant and I thought maybe my husband had passed out and Baby Bug was digging through the litter box and brandishing pointy objects. However, when I came out my husband was cooking and the Bug was playing and all was well.

I really appreciate the extra sleep- I must have really needed it- but waking up so late I feel a bit out of whack.

I just now checked the weather and it is 39℉ 😡, no wonder I was in hibernation mode❗


……So we actually made it out, at which time it had climbed up a few degrees and into the low 40’s. While at the store I picked up the latest issue of “Romantic Homes”. There was a page with some blogs listed, including this self-help blog wrapped up in a girly package.

20130410-221530.jpgThe blogger, Christine

I particularly liked these two things that she said:

1. It is never too late to follow a dream. Never think you are too old to have a dream and go for it. You will manifest something wonderful in anything you put mindful attention, action, and baby steps to.

2. It is never too late to embrace your health. Our bodies are amazing in how they adapt. Eating right and exercise and passion are the pillars of radiant health as we age.

Some of her advice is good, other stuff…well, I’m not so sure. Just seemed a little new-agey to me, but *positive* and classy. I respect that.

And for those Japanophiles out there check out kawaii kakko ii sugo’s website.

Daffodils and Nikujyaga

I took Baby Bug and myself down to Central Market yesterday. My husband wanted to have some nikujyaga again today (my second attempt) and it came out pretty well this time.


I made some dashi out of konbu and katsuobushi, but I’m not sure i got the right amount of water. It ended up tasting more like konbu than umami flavor, so I’ll have to be more careful next time.

Then we went back to the store today and I saw some “wax flowers” (I think that’s what they were called) and some daffodils! I adore daffodils, definitely one of my top three favorite flowers. So I made this lovely spring bouquet.


I think I may need a better camera :/

Anyway, these little heart shaped doo-dad sticks really cute-ify any flower arrangement. Whenever we go back to Thailand I’m going to buy a bucket full of these guys!

Anyway today is Ayu’s birthday! Yay, Happy Birthday Ayu! 🎈🍰I’m so glad you’ve been in my life another year and I hope you’re having a great day.

Well, pishawww! Looks like tomorrow’s weather is cold and rainy, so maybe we can stay in and finish watching The Hobbit after all.

Easter Baby


Yesterday, my mom, grandparents, my cousin, his girlfriend(whom by the way is GREAT and i hope he marries her so i can finally, kind of, have a sister in law!) and me and Baby Bug all got together to celebrate Easter.

My mom got my husband and I both each our our little Easter “basket” with chocolate and some little doo-dads. My grandma also gave me a gift bag with some toys for Baby Bug, some hello kitty duct tape, and a photo album for a baby boy. I have no idea, as of yet, how ill use that duct tape, but its pretty cute and I’m looking forward to putting that photo book together.

Anyway, I loved Easter as a kid. Getting a new, fancy dress, going out to eat to really nice restaurant with family, and the hunt! With the fake grass nests, plastic eggs filled with home made coupons (mom-made out of construction paper) and sometimes money!

When Baby Bug gets to be old enough, I want to do that for him too. It’s gonna be so fun, for both of us! 🍬🍭I will also teach him the reason why we, as followers of Jesus, celebrate this day to remember that He is alive, and that because of his sacrifice we are free from the bondage of sin, all we have to do is accept His gift.

I realize that a lot of our Easter traditions enmeshed with pagan traditions. Presently, I’m not sure how I feel about implementing them, but I am kind of leaning towards: As long as I focus on His resurrection then it’s okay to have chocolate bunnies, and peeps and pretty eggs. I want to carry on the traditions that I looked forward to when I was little.

Also, I said I was going to post the the new art we got so…🎨



Notice a theme? Well, themes. Blue and peacocks! Not that I’m so in love with them, but they go with the couch so now we have a menagerie of them.

Okay, last but not least, did you see the season finale for The Walking Dead yet? I’m sad to say I was a little bit disappointed. No big showdown with the Gov. Not enough Daryl. Not enough anything! Wah! πŸ’¦

Girly Stripes


striped shirt from anthropologie , headband from banana republic

And the nice weather is back! ♬ So thankful. It makes running errands so much more pleasant.

I was feeling pretty depressed yesterday until we finally got out and made a trip to Sprouts. I got my favorite muffins, Dee’s Natural Flourless, and a few other things. Then last night my lovely husband made us some sherpards pie!

So I was in a much better mood after that.

But…now I’m feeling kind of down again. I think it is lots of things. Family stuff, lack of quality sleep, and other stressors. βš‘β˜πŸ’’

One thing I’m looking forward to is picking up my newly framed peacock pictures! I will post those and all the rest of our new art that I’ve put up recently. They should be all ready tomorrow.

So I will close with a picture of the nikujyaga that my own little self made for the first time in my life. I only had a little taste before I had to put Jesse to bed so I’m looking forward to eating some in a little bit. 🍴


Outfit of the Day and Macaron Nails

20130302-205433.jpgHeart sweater by French Connection, green skirt by Lulu’s

When I first got this skirt I didn’t know what I was going to pair with it. Most of my wardrobe consists mostly of soft tones, not so many bright pieces like this. So it has been kind of fun seeing what all I can get away with…

Today Ayu and I stopped by an old favorite of ours, Saxbys Coffee in Dallas, to see some of our friends. This group came together several years ago, and though people have come and gone, its still a group of cool people to hang out with, practice Japanese, and drink coffee.

20130302-204223.jpgkonnichiha, Matt!

After visiting for a little while we were off to Cafe Brazil to meet up with J and to give him his bday card/hugs.



I finally got Ayu’s Valentine present in the mail, all the way from Hong Kong.


Macaron nail stickers! Which are supposed to look something like this when applied to painted nails.

Purchased from this Etsy shop. I can’t wait to see what they look like on her nails!

Prayer Request and Power Outage

First of all, I’d like to ask everyone to please say a prayer for my Grandad, whom is in the hospital. We love him and we want him to be back to normal and home safe. I’d really appreciate it.

Second, our power went out today!
Baby bug was almost asleep and then the fan went out and he couldn’t sleep without the white noise. He was all sleepy, but just couldn’t fall asleep so I took him for a ride without any particular destination and we came upon this park in Keller.




Its been really gusty today so that windmill was spinning it’s little propeller. The area with the gazebo and the water feature was a tranquil place for us to rest and nurse a little. Then an icecream truck passed through and it occurred to me that it was almost dreamlike or like something from the past, a peaceful and wholesome feeling.

If I look extra tired its because I had to run out in a little bit of a hurry so this picture above is me without my makeup.

So, after we got back from the park the lights had been turned back on, yay! I was able to put my make up on and take some quick and somewhat fuzzy phone pictures of my outfit.

My heart patterned skinny jeans from Anthropologie and…

My gray long sleeved ruched top from Sundance. I’d always heard that ruching or ruffles at the bust (or bikini top) helps add curves up top. Well, I’m not sure, but I think its cute πŸ’‹