Outfit of the Day


Today I just stepped out for a bit to go get groceries. This dress I bought from Free People back when I was newly pregnant and it grew nicely with me.

I liked wearing non maternity clothes as much as possible. For one, maternity clothes are kind of expensive and also when compared to non maternity of course the selection is limited.

Free People actually had a good deal of cute things that fit during that time and still look cute! Good thing too because that brand don’t come too cheap!

There was a pair of beautiful burgundy velvet overalls that I really wanted, but I think they were something ridiculous like $300.
Ah yes, here.

So cute! Anyway, I found these adorable vintage overalls at a vastly more affordable price.

These, a side pony tale and some frilly socks with canvas sneakers, and I’m in girly girl heaven, or maybe just 1992.


3 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

  1. I have a couple free people clothes and some winter accessories that I got when I lived in Boston! I like free people too!* But only when they are on sales… you know. I dont see free people around here. do you shop online?

    • Yeah they are pretty pricey, but have some good sales sometimes. I shop online or they also sell free people at Nordstroms or Bella Butterflies (in downtown Grapevine) has some of their stuff too!

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