A Tearoom Worth Visiting

A couple of weeks ago I was searching my area for any cool cafes and I found one in Golightly’s Antiques and Tea Room. Not a regular cafe, but a tea room with in an antique store. I’ve seen tea rooms within antique stores before and they are usually not impressive. Some dimly lit little hole in the wall with dust gathering on the fake decorative ivy, and few choices on the menu. Not so fun. But, this place was actually really nice.

I had Baby Bug with me and we rolled on back to the tea room. There were about 5 other customers so it was not totally empty, but not too loud either. I ordered the pick 3 sampler with quiche, half a panini, and fruit to share with Bug.


It was a little more expensive than, say, Jason’s Deli, but the food was good. The portion would have been about right had I not been sharing my food, but I tend to eat more than other people (gimme a break, I’m nursing!).

After lunch we took a look around the shop.


I didn’t take that many pictures when we were there, but I got these from their blog.




I love it! I can’t wait to come back and bring some one. 🌷Oh, and it looks like they’re having a sale next weekend! Check it out!

Anyway, yesterday we were at the mall and saw this.

Purikura! Haha
I guess now I don’t have to go to Ktown to do purikura now.
We didn’t have time to do it so I’ll have to test it out next time.


I Discovered Store Envy

I was playing around on Polyvore earlier today and I found a really cute skirt that I was interested in buying so I followed the link over to to Store Envy. Store Envy is apparently like Etsy, in that it has a bunch of individual merchants in one place, except, correct me if I’m wrong, unlike Etsy the merchandise isn’t necessarily created by the merchant nor a vintage item. What I really like about it is all the cool Japanesey* stuff some of the shops carry.

This one shop, bloomiful, has a bunch of adorable, girly dresses and kitty themed items.

cat hat!

simply adorable

There’s also many cute and random items on this site.

strawberry foam rollers for hair

So now I have another website to “window shop”. 🙂

*because it looks like Japanese fashion, but probably some of the stuff comes from Korea, China, Thailand, etc., but that’s ok!

Just a Quick Note


Here I am in my super cute dress from Wrapped. With the row of eye hooks on the front, its not
the quickest to get in and out of for nursing, but I like how it’s girly and light and airy and not too formal.

I got the invitations I ordered for Baby Bug’s birthday in today. We are going to have four of his little buddies with us for his party, and their parents of course. I think we’re going to have a great time!

My First Mother’s Day

Today was my first Mother’s Day as an official mother and I was feeling pretty proud of myself.
I am not perfect, and I make mistakes sometimes as a mom and as a person, but I know I am a good mom. Baby Bug is my heart and I believe that I can understand God a little better now that I have a child. Its awe inspiring to think that God loves me, and us, even more.

I am blessed to have him, and my own mom that supports, stands up for and loves me so much.
I think, very rare is the person that realizes how much their mom did for them, as a baby and beyond, until they become a parent. I now understand and appreciate my mom much more.

Today I took the Bug to have lunch with Grandma and Grandad and we exchanged some gifts for each other including this pretty eyelet dress from Wrapped.


I’m really lad this dress comes with a slip because there’s now way I could have worn it outside the house otherwise!

After we came home the husband lovingly made some yummy Thai noodles and we took a family nap. We all pretty much passed it for 3 hours and woke up feeling rested but groggy (funny word).

Much like these little kittens.

Speaking of Thai stuff, I found the cutest Thai themed stickers!

From worldofkawaii on Etsy

So whenever we go back to Thailand and take tons of pictures I will use these babies on a scrapbook. That is if I ever get around to making one…

Edit: Sticker close ups



Wild About Florals

My mom came to visit and spent the night last night, so me, her, and the Baby Bug all went out for breakfast at IHOP. I got my favorite, whole wheat blueberry pancakes, to share with the Bug. And of course, a cup of coffee. By the way, I think IHOP coffee tastes is so much better than Starbucks. Unless, you get an old pot, and then it tastes like liquified cigarettes.

My mom, being the fun and cool mom that she is, came up to see Jackson Brown and Jimmy Buffet in concert with one of her friends.

And she’s stuck around to visit and help me out with her grandson, which I really appreciate, especially since I have been feeling down and stressed and otherwise non optimal shape.

20130506-184618.jpg Eating some power tuna

Hurray for awesome moms!

Can’t be bothered to create a title


So exhausted today. I walked my butt off in the park under the hot sun yesterday and apparently I am paying for it today in lethargy and increased appetite. It’s a lovely day outside…or so I hear…but I can barely summon the energy to keep this place clean and take care of my baby.


Little motivation to do much. :/ I know I’ll feel better if I get out for a short walk. We’ll see…