Prayer Request and Power Outage

First of all, I’d like to ask everyone to please say a prayer for my Grandad, whom is in the hospital. We love him and we want him to be back to normal and home safe. I’d really appreciate it.

Second, our power went out today!
Baby bug was almost asleep and then the fan went out and he couldn’t sleep without the white noise. He was all sleepy, but just couldn’t fall asleep so I took him for a ride without any particular destination and we came upon this park in Keller.




Its been really gusty today so that windmill was spinning it’s little propeller. The area with the gazebo and the water feature was a tranquil place for us to rest and nurse a little. Then an icecream truck passed through and it occurred to me that it was almost dreamlike or like something from the past, a peaceful and wholesome feeling.

If I look extra tired its because I had to run out in a little bit of a hurry so this picture above is me without my makeup.

So, after we got back from the park the lights had been turned back on, yay! I was able to put my make up on and take some quick and somewhat fuzzy phone pictures of my outfit.

My heart patterned skinny jeans from Anthropologie and…

My gray long sleeved ruched top from Sundance. I’d always heard that ruching or ruffles at the bust (or bikini top) helps add curves up top. Well, I’m not sure, but I think its cute πŸ’‹


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