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This Season’s Must Have: Rip Van Winkle Coloring Book

I woke up, after a short morning nap with Baby Bug, once again feeling awfully tired, and after being pummeled and scratched and my hair pulled by Baby Bug I was already very low on patience. So I was happy to accept my husband ‘s offer to watch him while I got some more sleep.

I slept from 10:20 ish till about 12:45!! I was actually worried when I got up because I literally have not slept this much since I was pregnant and I thought maybe my husband had passed out and Baby Bug was digging through the litter box and brandishing pointy objects. However, when I came out my husband was cooking and the Bug was playing and all was well.

I really appreciate the extra sleep- I must have really needed it- but waking up so late I feel a bit out of whack.

I just now checked the weather and it is 39℉ 😡, no wonder I was in hibernation mode❗


……So we actually made it out, at which time it had climbed up a few degrees and into the low 40’s. While at the store I picked up the latest issue of “Romantic Homes”. There was a page with some blogs listed, including this self-help blog wrapped up in a girly package.

20130410-221530.jpgThe blogger, Christine

I particularly liked these two things that she said:

1. It is never too late to follow a dream. Never think you are too old to have a dream and go for it. You will manifest something wonderful in anything you put mindful attention, action, and baby steps to.

2. It is never too late to embrace your health. Our bodies are amazing in how they adapt. Eating right and exercise and passion are the pillars of radiant health as we age.

Some of her advice is good, other stuff…well, I’m not so sure. Just seemed a little new-agey to me, but *positive* and classy. I respect that.

And for those Japanophiles out there check out kawaii kakko ii sugo’s website.