Grown Up Tea Party


For my most recent birthday we went and had afternoon tea at the Adolphus in Dallas. It was fun to dress up and be fancy with my special guests (Mom, Grandma, and Ayu-chan).

At the time I was about 4 months post partum and hardly any of my nice dresses fit! I was (and still am somewhat) in that zone between maternity clothes and pre preg stuff, but I didn’t want to go out and spend a bunch of money on a dress that (hopefully) wouldn’t fit for very long. Thankfully, I had this one BCBG dress that I was able to squish into somewhat gracefully.


It’s been a few months since then and I’m thinking it’s time for another tea party! This time I’d like to try out Lavendou. It’s quite a bit less expensive and had good reviews last time I checked.

Its so fun to get dressed up and have tea with friends. In fact, my baby shower was also at a teahouse! This was a cute little place in Grapevine, TX, called Beatitudes.


Sometime it might be fun to throw a little tea party at home as well. For that I think a set like this one might be nice.

Image from Teavana's website

Image from Teavana’s website

Actually, I came across this tea seat at Teavana several years ago and I loved it, but just didn’t think I would really use it. If I can come up with a good reason then I may just go for it!