walking around

Spring weather is notoriously unpredictable. The same is often said of the weather here in Texas. Yet, surprisingly, this time the forecast was accurate and today has been beautiful. A perfect day to enjoy the zoo.  


Every since I got my Fitbit I’ve been striving to get in as many steps as I can everyday and a day of walking at the zoo sure adds up! 🐾

Yesterday I was taking a walk and took a couple of selfies on the way, but when I got back home and looked and them I was midly horrified at the apparent state of my skin 😲.

Some of it had to do with poor make up application, and some bad lighting, but still… I try and take decent care of my skin. I wear sunscreen everyday, plus a hat and sunglasses, usually. I even get microdermabrions occasionally. Actually the most recent time the esthetician recommended that I try microneeding for my mild facial scaring.

So after the being awoken to the sad state of my skin I was desperate to do something. Although I won’t be dropping 250 dollars on a microneeding treatment anytime soon I found myself a derma roller device on Amazon for $25! Once the device comes into my possession and I have a chance to try it out, I will be posting my first before and after pics.

Has anyone had any experience with micro needling or derma rollers, good or bad? 


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