A Tearoom Worth Visiting

A couple of weeks ago I was searching my area for any cool cafes and I found one in Golightly’s Antiques and Tea Room. Not a regular cafe, but a tea room with in an antique store. I’ve seen tea rooms within antique stores before and they are usually not impressive. Some dimly lit little hole in the wall with dust gathering on the fake decorative ivy, and few choices on the menu. Not so fun. But, this place was actually really nice.

I had Baby Bug with me and we rolled on back to the tea room. There were about 5 other customers so it was not totally empty, but not too loud either. I ordered the pick 3 sampler with quiche, half a panini, and fruit to share with Bug.


It was a little more expensive than, say, Jason’s Deli, but the food was good. The portion would have been about right had I not been sharing my food, but I tend to eat more than other people (gimme a break, I’m nursing!).

After lunch we took a look around the shop.


I didn’t take that many pictures when we were there, but I got these from their blog.




I love it! I can’t wait to come back and bring some one. 🌷Oh, and it looks like they’re having a sale next weekend! Check it out!

Anyway, yesterday we were at the mall and saw this.

Purikura! Haha
I guess now I don’t have to go to Ktown to do purikura now.
We didn’t have time to do it so I’ll have to test it out next time.



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