My First Mother’s Day

Today was my first Mother’s Day as an official mother and I was feeling pretty proud of myself.
I am not perfect, and I make mistakes sometimes as a mom and as a person, but I know I am a good mom. Baby Bug is my heart and I believe that I can understand God a little better now that I have a child. Its awe inspiring to think that God loves me, and us, even more.

I am blessed to have him, and my own mom that supports, stands up for and loves me so much.
I think, very rare is the person that realizes how much their mom did for them, as a baby and beyond, until they become a parent. I now understand and appreciate my mom much more.

Today I took the Bug to have lunch with Grandma and Grandad and we exchanged some gifts for each other including this pretty eyelet dress from Wrapped.


I’m really lad this dress comes with a slip because there’s now way I could have worn it outside the house otherwise!

After we came home the husband lovingly made some yummy Thai noodles and we took a family nap. We all pretty much passed it for 3 hours and woke up feeling rested but groggy (funny word).

Much like these little kittens.

Speaking of Thai stuff, I found the cutest Thai themed stickers!

From worldofkawaii on Etsy

So whenever we go back to Thailand and take tons of pictures I will use these babies on a scrapbook. That is if I ever get around to making one…

Edit: Sticker close ups




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