Outfit of the Day@ Mom’s Place


Baby Bug and I took a trip down to my mom’s for the weekend and we had a really nice time.
We stopped at an estate sale and a couple of garage sales (oh yes, there is a difference) and did a couple more “drive-by”s (quick scan of the scene without bringing the car to a stop to see if it would be worth stopping), and took a walk in the park (they have a really nice park!), where we dogged bees and other stingy looking flying insects, and we even got to pet some horses!

The next day we got pedicures and did a little shopping at the outdoor outlet mall, which is where I picked up this maxi dress for $17!

I had to add this cartoon cat because my mom doesn’t have one and every home needs a cat…and butterflies, of course.

We had a great time, eating together, shopping together, talking and laughing together…
So now we are back home with Daddy and Nabi, I miss Mom, but it’s nice to be back in our own bed.



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