Home made pizza and Egg salad sandwich with…yogurt?

I am tired. Today Baby Bug woke up early and I couldn’t get him to nurse back to sleep, try as I might…so I’ve had two cups of coffee, and I’ve been trying my best to keep him happy despite his all day crabbiness, and keep the apartment and myself looking presentable. So I am feeling drained and like I need something fun to look forward to.

Last night my husband made another delicious pizza for us. We used the fancy little pizza cutter and everything. πŸ•

Then for lunch I made some healthified egg salad with this recipe. The major change is swapping most of the mayo for Greek yogurt. My verdict: so-so. To be fair though, I didn’t add any mayo because I didn’t want to buy a whole big jar-o-mayo for one little egg salad recipe. Now, if they had little jars of mayo available that would be nice. So that probably made it more bland than it would have been otherwise.


I guess tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again. April showers bring May flowers and all that…


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