Girly Stripes


striped shirt from anthropologie , headband from banana republic

And the nice weather is back! ♬ So thankful. It makes running errands so much more pleasant.

I was feeling pretty depressed yesterday until we finally got out and made a trip to Sprouts. I got my favorite muffins, Dee’s Natural Flourless, and a few other things. Then last night my lovely husband made us some sherpards pie!

So I was in a much better mood after that.

But…now I’m feeling kind of down again. I think it is lots of things. Family stuff, lack of quality sleep, and other stressors. ⚡☁💢

One thing I’m looking forward to is picking up my newly framed peacock pictures! I will post those and all the rest of our new art that I’ve put up recently. They should be all ready tomorrow.

So I will close with a picture of the nikujyaga that my own little self made for the first time in my life. I only had a little taste before I had to put Jesse to bed so I’m looking forward to eating some in a little bit. 🍴



2 thoughts on “Girly Stripes

  1. Yeah the blueberry ones are 140 I think. It depends on what flavor you get. And I think they re only available at Sprouts.

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