I had to go and post about how nice our weather is and so of course it went and got all cold on us again! Not cool weather, not cool…(pun? >_<) I guess this will be another sweater week.

Anyway, in about a week it will be our grandad's 81st birthday, Whee!
Last year on his 80th, my whole family got together and we took lots of pictures, which my Aunt Gigi had made into a commemorative album and gave us all copies.

I'm guessing this year will be a little more low key, but with all he's had to go through recently, health wise, I'd like it to be a little special. He's had a blood sugar problem for the past several years, but hasn't done much to improve his diet unfortunately. So I'm thinking I'd like to make him a diabetic friendly brownie sundae 🍨. And if I can find sugar free caramel sauce, I'll make it a caramel brownie sundae!

On a separate note, Ayu chan is going to Japan next week ❗❕
Have fun! Bring back some sakura for me! Haha ♡💕


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