Outfit of the Day and Macaron Nails

20130302-205433.jpgHeart sweater by French Connection, green skirt by Lulu’s

When I first got this skirt I didn’t know what I was going to pair with it. Most of my wardrobe consists mostly of soft tones, not so many bright pieces like this. So it has been kind of fun seeing what all I can get away with…

Today Ayu and I stopped by an old favorite of ours, Saxbys Coffee in Dallas, to see some of our friends. This group came together several years ago, and though people have come and gone, its still a group of cool people to hang out with, practice Japanese, and drink coffee.

20130302-204223.jpgkonnichiha, Matt!

After visiting for a little while we were off to Cafe Brazil to meet up with J and to give him his bday card/hugs.



I finally got Ayu’s Valentine present in the mail, all the way from Hong Kong.


Macaron nail stickers! Which are supposed to look something like this when applied to painted nails.

Purchased from this Etsy shop. I can’t wait to see what they look like on her nails!


11 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day and Macaron Nails

    • I have some little nubs, so they’re longer than usual.
      That little purse is so cute isn’t it? Its actually a gift card holder! I got it from Kroger. Haha, but I love it, so cute 👜

  1. Your style was so pretty, and I loved it so much! Thank you for the cute nail stickers. I wanted to use it on my hands, but I’m thinking it’s better to use it for foot nail. Because I use my hands a lot to do house work. So you know, that makes it spoil faster…..

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