nail art

A lovely design on medium length nails

A lovely design on medium length nails

Despite my passion for girliness, one traditional element of femininity I have always lacked is a set of long finger nails. Its not that my nails won’t grow, it is just that I cannot stand the feeling of having debris trapped under them. Whenever they grow out no matter how many times I wash them it feels like I’ve been building sand castles and scratching off lottery tickets. Therefore, I generally keep my nails pretty short. Also, less chance of accidentally scratching my baby boy.
However, we we were in Thailand last winter I was able to indulge in a lovely manicure at a Japanese nail art salon. Most of their offerings were premade acrylic nails, but I asked if they could get a design on my natural nails (never had fake nails before). Graciously, the nail tech complied and went to work using what looked like white sand and a delicate brush to create the most intricate and exquisite floral design that I had ever seen. It took about an hour(!) to do it and it only lasted about a week (maybe lasts longer with acrylics?), but it was completely worth it to me.
Fuzzy iPhone picture doesn't do it justice

Fuzzy iPhone picture doesn’t do it justice

I haven’t had anything like this done since we came back, mostly because I didn’t think it was available. I’m pretty sure you can get some neat designs here too, but I doubt that most techs have the expertise to hand craft such detailed and myriad designs on natural nails.
So, these days, as a second best option, I’ve been getting gel nails done whenever I get a manicure. It may not be nearly as pretty, but you can’t beat the durability!

Edit: I found this great shop on Etsy.I’m thinking about ordering a set, but they’re a bit pricey. Hmmm…


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